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Signatures of Famous Personalities (Samples 1)

President Kennedy

President Kennedy Handwriting, Signature

In President Kennedy's handwriting we see a very fast movement and decisiveness. In the handwriting we can see strong angles, especially in the upper zone which pertains to ideas, principles and ambitions. On the other hand his signature is a bit smaller than the writing, which indicates humbleness. When looking carefully into the signature, we can see that the last letter "y" looks like a shield. This shield shows that the person is more sensitive than what is presented on his outside appearance. In order to protect himself, he puts this shield between himself and the world.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Signature

Lincoln's signature is a slight bit larger than his handwriting. Both the text and the signature, are very well organized and meticulous.

A similarity between the handwriting and the signature shows that the person we see outside is exactly the same person in the inside. Usually it shows honesty and high integrity.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher Signature

The first letter in the signature is larger than the first letter in the beginning of the document. An enlarged first letter in the signature especially shows a strong desire to appear in public, assertiveness and a need to rule or dominate.

Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford Signature

The signature is characterized by very strong angles, which are usually found in the handwritings of stubborn, dominant and or leaders.

Royal Family

Queen Elizabetha

Royal Signature

Princess Diana

Royal Signature

In both signatures (Queen Elizabeth's and Princess Diana's), you will find the same phenomenon. They are closely attached to the text. There is no space between the writing and the signatures. This way of spacing the signature indicates that the person feels like a part of society. People who write this way have a strong sense of belonging to the society.

Another phenomenon we can see in the signatures of Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen's Mother and Princess Diana is that they are all underlined. When a signature is underlined it shows that the person who signs likes to have recognition from the public and to be on center-stage. ( Sting, Joan Collins, Fidel Castro, Picasso, Alfred Hitchcock, Roger Whittaker, Elvis Priesly, Paul McCartney all exhibit this tendency).

Queen Victoria


In the Queen Victoria's signature, the first letter looks like a hand covering and protecting.
It can indicate a person who feels responsible for people around them.



A large stage under the signature is evident.

Jayne Mansfield and Mae West

Jayne Mansfield Signature Mae West Signature

In both signatures of Jayne Mansfield and Mae West, we can see the same kind of sex symbols*.
*Painted by Kobi Zaid

Signatures of Joan Collins, Fidel Castro, Picasso, Alfred Hitchcock, Roger Whittaker, Elvis Priesly,

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Signature

Bill Clinton's signature is the same size as his handwriting. He places his signature very closely to the text itself. This shows modesty and a tremendous sense of belonging to society. He does not separate himself from his people and feels that he and his country are one. He takes upon himself a great deal of responsibility as if he needs to fulfill a mission.

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