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Serial Killers

As published on television recently, this study of serial killers was instigated when Anna Koren was asked to authenticate a diary signed by Jack the Ripper.

After studying some 400 writing samples of imposters, who claimed to be the Ripper, she carried on to study the writings of other murderers.

The handwriting characteristics of serial killers differentiate them from those whose motivation was spontaneous selection of victims.

The life story and motives of various killers will be discussed, to see if there are any overall characteristics that can be seen in the handwriting of these killers.

Did you know that..

  • 76% of serial killers are American citizens, 17% of them are European.
  • 84% of serial killers are white Caucasians, 16% are Black.
  • 90% of serial killers are male, 65% of the victims are women
  • 89% of all victims are Caucasians
  • 44% Begin their heinous crimes in their twenties, 26% during their teenaged years and 24% of them during their thirties.
  • 89% of all serial killers are heterosexual.

The Serial Killer does not act on impulse. His brain must be extremely organized and his plans well thought out in order for him to be able to commit his heinous crimes time & time again. In many cases, these killer's posses a high level of intelligence, and in some cases even guineas.

Read about the gruesome stories and heinous crimes of:

  • Gerald Eugene Stano
  • Albert DeSalvo
  • Kevin Haley
  • William Heirens
  • David Berkowitz - "Son of Sam"
  • Lawrence Bittaker, Roy Norris and their "Murder Mac"
  • Ted Bundy
  • Jeffery Dahmer
  • Randy Woodfield
  • Douglas Clark - "The Sunset Strip Slayer"
  • Paul John Knowles
  • Charles Manson
  • The Zodiac Murder
  • John Wayne Gacy
  • Gerald Gallego
  • Carlton Grey
  • Hubert Harolds
  • Eric Elliot & Lewis Gilbert
  • Richard Cottingham
  • Danny Harold Rolling
  • Harrison Graham
  • George Putt
  • William Suff
  • Jack the Ripper

Apparently there is great difficulty in trying to construct a serial killers profile. Nevertheless, there is some reoccurring phenomenon in the handwriting samples.

All 26 stories are followed by a handwriting sample of the serial killers and their graphology analysis.

Some Excerpts from the paper "Serial Killers" by Anna Koren presented in the 7th British Symposium on Graphological Research, Oxford 2002.

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