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Love in Handwriting - by Anna Koren

In every greeting card you receive, an extra glance may help you better understand the writer.
You may read between the lines. In order to truly understand him you will have to prepare a thorough report, by letting an experienced graphologist check his handwriting or learn Graphology yourself for 3 years and then go through two or three years of practical work, to invest many hours of work in every handwriting and only then you may truly understand the writer's intentions, needs and motivations.

It is important to indicate that just as there are no two identical personalities, there aren't any handwritings samples that have exactly the same characteristics. Therefore, one should be careful in reaching conclusions.

In spite of the warnings, here are a few examples:

1. The writer is in love.

Love in Handwriting

2. The writer is disappointed by his love.

Love in Handwriting

3. When you see a word which has razor sharp lines in it, and/or letters which look like other letters - for example "L" that looks "J" in the sample before us - you may take into account that the writer may try to conceal something significant concerning this word.

Love in Handwriting

4. The Dominant

Large and wide handwriting, strong pressure, angular writing, signature larger than the text:

Such a writer will always tell you what you should do. He does not consult, he decides.

One can not argue with him, he is stubborn and assertive and confident of his righteousness.

His presence is strong, his speaking voice is firm and loud and he will take you under his custody, will take care of you and look after you.

He likes spending time with people and usually does not enjoy watching television intimately. Even if you yourself are dominant, you will find it difficult to get along with him.

Love in Handwriting

5. The Nun

A slow, round, separated handwriting, upright slant, high upper zone, neglected lower zone, small signature with clear letters.
The writer is introverted and is not interested in pleasures outside her home and is not particularly interested in sex.

She is more interested in having a philosophical conversation or in reading a good book.
She is engrossed in her inner world, introverted and shy. She does not respond easily to courting. Such a woman may pose as a challenge for the "hunters" among you. By the way, there are such men as well, and each character I mention may be either a man or a woman.

Love in Handwriting

6.The Narcissist

Especially "beautiful" handwriting, very slow, motionless, shaped like copy-book writing, narrow space between letters, a prominent middle zone, signature - emphasized and larger that the test.

The writer is self-absorbed, cares only for her own needs, her life partner is only a tool to fulfill her needs. She pretends, will be nice to you as long as you stand up to her expectations, she'll use you and if you are not suitable she will through you away. She is not capable of loving anyone other than herself.

Love in Handwriting

She is not willing to invest any efforts in developing a connection and she is constantly looking for admirers. However, she is jealous, manipulative, and dishonest. She is involved in her outer appearance and is more interested in her personal comfort than in any other thing in the world, while you are only a tool in her hands.

7.The Hysterical

Elaborated, agitated handwriting, large bubbles in all three zones, round, garlands, rich, fills the page with its presence, a large and quick signature.

The writer will shower you with warmth, love and devotion. She becomes easily enthusiastic and is willing to sacrifice herself for you. However, at the same time her love may "strangle" you.

She keeps complimenting you, cares for you. Hugs and kisses you, but dare you look at another girl and she will turn into a firing monster and will be willing to kill her with the same amount of passion. Her emotions control her logic; it is difficult to have a rational conversation with her and her reactions become impulsive and stormy with every outer stimulus.

Love in Handwriting

8. The Cunning

Illegible writing, many threads, unfinished letters, almost as if it had been thrown on to the page.
You will never know where you stand with this individual. Here we deal with a "snake".

He is evasive and sly and it is impossible to follow him, as well as the changes he goes through. He has personal charm and knows how to use exactly the right words in order to persuade, charm and give you the feeling you are the most important thing that had ever happened to him. In fact, he is incapable of truly loving. His emotions are disturbed and he may hurt you without even knowing it.

His behavior resembles Mercury. It is difficult to find peace in his presence since he is always in a hurry. He does not have the time, nor the patience for long lasting procedures.

Love in Handwriting

9. The Rational

Clear, uniformed handwriting. Upright slant, very straight, orderly margins with an aesthetic feel to it. The handwriting is angular and there are a few garlands.

This character is serious, reliable, and non-emotional. He does not go out of his way when he meets you. However, you can rely on him to say what he thinks. He doesn't tend to flirt; he speaks to your logic and expects you to commit yourself to him. It is difficult for him to express feelings, excitement, or enthusiasm and a relationship with him is formed in a gradual and slow manner. Usually he is intelligent, knowledgeable; however, it takes time to have an intimate relationship with him.

Love in Handwriting

10. The Childish

Slow, hesitant, almost motionless, undeveloped handwriting, convex alignment, strong pressure, swollen, it looks as if a kid had tried to write.

Such a writer is lazy and will expect you, (or his mother), to do the work for him. He is spoiled, childish, and finds it difficult to exhibit maturity and objectivity. Tends to depend on a dominant partner. He needs warmth and attention and finds it difficult to have a relationship based on equality.

His behavior is cumbersome; he is insensitive towards his mate and is self-absorbed most of the time.

Love in Handwriting

Standard Disclaimer:
We strongly urge you not to try to compare the handwriting samples of your boyfriend/girlfriend and arrive at conclusions. This work is meant to be an informative article and NOT to be used as a tool for handwriting analysis. Neither the author nor Graphology Center is liable for any actions on your part.

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