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Illness in Handwriting

Graphology, as a means of personality analysis, is a technique that has been actively applied for the past century. Graphology, as a diagnostic tool for illness, however is a relatively new concept.

This subject has always been intriguing. After the "Yom Kippur" war in 1973, and quite by accident, the opportunity to investigate this field more intensely had risen, with very interesting results.

The initial attempt was simply to find out how the personalities of soldiers have been affected by injuries, and how it translated it's self and revealed in their handwriting. Samples of soldier's handwriting were provided, taken before and after the physical injury.

Even without prior access to their case histories, clear signs of these injuries could be detected in the handwriting.

Naturally, these findings even more interest, and led to a quest for further documentation & information. Following the study of about 400 books on the subject of graphology, it was discovered that only a few of them referred to the topic of diseases in handwriting. Therefore, the time had come to explore this important and fascinating subject in greater depth.

Handwriting analysis can serve as an X- ray of an individual's physical state. Just as handwriting provides the graphologist with an insight into someone's personality and behavior, so it will also provide clues which give a graphic record of the writer's neurophysiologic functioning.

Illnesses are reflected in the different zones of the handwriting as follows:

  • typical upper zone letters : f, t, l, i-dots, t-bars
  • typical middle zone letters : a, n, o, w
  • typical lower zone letters : f, g, p, y

.....Signs of physical malfunctioning manifests itself in various forms, such as tremors, intervals, a dot in the middle of the line, a break in the line, a pause in the middle of the line, light pressure or, at times, especially heavy pressure in a particular area of the letter.

The change (generally the dot), will appear in the handwriting as though the writer were looking at himself in the mirror, and the affected area appears as a mirror reflection (on the diametrically opposite side of the body).

"..... Although not considered as an illness, pregnancy can generally be determined in a woman's handwriting, even before she is aware of her condition. Pregnancy is expressed as a small spot in the pregnant woman's handwriting long before any external signs are visible. Handwriting samples written before, during and after pregnancy have been examined, and it has been discovered that it is possible to detect the "pregnancy spot" between 48 and 72 hours after conception. This spot always appears very clearly in the woman's handwriting in the middle (=womb) zone........."

"...Indeed, these are not diseases in the true sense of the word, but rather addictions. Nevertheless, the effect on handwriting is as noticeable as that of sickness because of the physiological ill-effects to which the writer's body is subjected..."


".... A great deal of experience is required in order to diagnose diseases generally, and motor disturbances in particular. A Handwriting might, on the surface of things, appear to be childish, undeveloped, and even dishonest, when, in actual fact, these characteristics might originate from a person who suffered as a child from dyslexia or dysgraphia...."

Some Excerpts from the paper "Illness in Handwriting" by Anna Koren presented in the 3rd British Symposium on Graphological Research, Cambridge 1991.

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