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Graphology is the analysis and study of handwriting, used for personality evaluations.

Graphology is referred to as "the writing of the brain". The process begins when muscular movements involved in writing are controlled by the central nervous system. The form of the resultant writing movement is then modifed by the flexibly assembles coordinative structures in the hand, which creates a perosnal, one of a kind, handwriting - similar to a fingerprint.

Graphology is precise in its interpretations and is unobtrusive and non-invasive when compared with other types of evaluation techniques. Graphology can provide an exhaustive evaluation of an individual's character. It can reveal, if present, dormant or hidden attributes in personnel that with traditional screening methods would go unnoticed and untapped.

For example, our graphologists can assess an individual in various areas, gauging such characteristics as loyalty, ambition, logic, business acumen, decision-making, motivation, memory, concentration, interpersonal skills, psychological skills and physical health. With graphology, the employer can determine the most suitable position for an individual.

Just as the evaluation benefits the company, it benefits the employee. All is required for the individual to submit a page of handwritten text. He needn't be present during an evaluation nor be subject to any psychological, behavioral and physiological tests.

Graphology evaluation can also help detect motives that stand behind behaviors and reactions and by that assist couples to get to know each other better and work on a better relationship.

Legal Graphology, for example, can determine wither or not a signature on a legal document is forged or real, as well as other evaluations which provide crucial evidence when used in court.

There is no relationship between Graphology and mysticism. Graphology does not allow a peak to the future. Graphology is an amazing tool that allows us to deepen our inner insight when it is used wisely and carefully.


All graphology courses are only in Israel (in Hebrew)

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