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Anna Koren Graphology Center

The GRAPHOLOGY CENTER was founded by Anna Koren, a foremost world expert in graphology, in Haifa, Israel in 1976. Today, with over thousands clients in Europe, the USA, Australia, Cyprus and Israel, we have become the largest graphological center in the world. Our clients include government agencies and defense industries, major corporations as well as small, privately owned companies.

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Graphology - handwriting analysis

'I can not imagine I would become involved in any recruitment process for any member of staff, at whatever level without the added perception, insight and analysis that your graphology reports provide ..'

MD, Development Securities PLC, U.K.


Graphology - handwriting analysis services

  • Consultation & Guidance
  • Professional Guidance
  • Premarital/pre-partnership Consultation
  • May the best man or woman win
  • Legal Graphology
  • Courses & Lectures

For information, please call +972 4 8551180
or send mail to

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Graphology is the study of handwriting

Graphology (handwriting analysis), precise in its interpretations, is unobtrusive and non-invasive when compared with other types of evaluation techniques. All that is required for the individual to submit a page of handwritten text. He needn't be present during an evaluation nor be subject to a battery of psychological, behavioral and physiological tests.

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