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About Anna Koren Graphology Center

The GRAPHOLOGY CENTER was founded by Anna Koren, a foremost world expert in graphology, in Haifa, Israel in 1976.

Today, with over thousands clients in Europe, the USA, Australia, Cyprus and Israel, we have become the largest graphological center in the world. Our clients include government agencies and defense industries, major corporations as well as small, privately owned companies.

A cross-section of our repeat clients reveals major banks and investment houses, law, accounting and executive search firms, airlines, diamond and jewelry companies, high technology companies, and psychiatric clinics, among various others.

Insurance companies, in addition to internal personal requirements, use our services to identify fraudulent claims.

Graphology Center's evaluation process is cost effective and tailored to meet specific needs of your company, unlike standard evaluations.

During our initial consultation, if the client is inundated with job applications, our efficient pre-screening method can quickly weed out undesirable applicants, greatly reducing time and effort by narrowing down the field of possible candidates.

In Europe and Israel, most companies do not hire an individual without receiving a handwriting sample for evaluation.

Whether dealing with employment of new personnel or current staff, the client, alone or with our assistance, decides on the appropriate level for analysis required.

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All graphology courses are only in Israel (in Hebrew)

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