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How to Choose a Graphologist

Graphologist - Analyses and diagnoses handwriting

  • Personality graphologist deals with analyzing the character, behavior, skills, intelligence level, personal integrity and many others of the writer's characteristics.

  • Legal Graphology - A specialist graphologist in comparing documents.

    Comparing handwriting or signature in order to identify whether a specific person has written a specific document or is signed on it.

    The field is very developed and is being used in courts of law and a specialist graphologist receives many appointments by the judges themselves.

In order to receive certification as a graphologist one has to study at an institute that trains graphologists and allows students the opportunity for internship. Each graphologist has to study for a few years in a recognized graphology institute; however, unfortunately, there is no legal definition for a graphologist. The damages caused to innocent people who go to a cheap and quick graphologist, who prepares a graphological analysis "on the spot" for them, are enormous and not once do we get clients who got hurt and go through a "corrective experience" with us.

The legal problem is that anyone can declare themselves graphologists and people have no chance of defending themselves against them. Not once have we encountered a graphologist who has survived in the market for a few months but has managed to say a great deal of nonsense to people who have not checked whom they were going to.

Every once in a while we are asked how does one go about choosing a graphologist.

The answer is simple.

If you want to be guinea pigs and save money and time - go to a beginning graphologist. Only one request. Do not take what that graphologist says indiscriminately or as the absolute truth. Use other graphologists or analysts in order to verify or refute that analysis.

If you are willing to invest time and money in order to receive an exact diagnosis and consulting from a certified, experienced graphologist and under the supervision of even more experienced graphologists, choose a well-known and experienced graphology institute, examine recommendations and do not compromise.

Choose a place where at least 2 or 3 graphologists examine each of the handwriting samples, where you will meet the graphologist or graphologists at least twice and where you will be undergoing additional tests which the graphologist will be using in order to understand you better, mainly choose a place which will do the maximum so that you get the most out of the graphological examination.

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