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Services Graphology Center

Consultation & Guidance

Designed for individuals who wish to discover themselves, understand the processes that motivate them and learn how to promote a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Professional Guidance

What is the best profession for you? Does your work enable you to express who you really are?
Analysis of your skills and affinities will provide you with a specific list of professions that fits you best.

Premarital/pre-partnership Consultation

A profound character analysis will provide you insightful knowledge of your self and your partner.
Learn to communicate, value and understand your sensitivities, balance your expectations and achieve more rewarding relationships.

May the best man or woman win

Graphology serves as an objective tool to determine the right man or woman for a specific job.
The process includes analysis of pre-interview letters and a comprehensive study of the final candidates. We will help you find the most suitable individual for the job. Our goal is to help our clients understand the personality traits and idiosyncratic behaviors of their current and future employees.

Legal Graphology

Anna Koren is certified as an expert in comparing documents and verification of authenticity. She provides her expertise in courts all over the world since 1980.

Courses & Lectures

Directed by Anna Koren and a team of experienced graphologists.
For appointments, please call +972 4 8551180

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