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What do we need for reports?

Text provided for a graphological analysis should be written under the following Optimal Conditions. At least 20 lines, written spontaneoulsy (not dictated or copied), on a plain, unlined sheet of paper (A4, folio or quarto), with a pile of paper as padding underneath, using a good working ball-point pen, in the applicant's native language, and the writer's signature.

The following personal details should be provided:
Age, level of education, sex, marital status, right or left handed, use of glasses or contact lenses, history of dyslexia and physical handicaps.

Working procedure

A sample of the handwriting to be analyzed, written under the above mentioned optimal conditions, is to be forwarded to us, with an indication of the type of report which is to be provided.

In the event that we perform an analysis according to your request, and you decide at a later date to enlarge on it, you can let us know accordingly and be charged for only the difference between the original report provided and the amended one. Also, please note that every type of report is included in the report next in line.

Every handwriting sample is examined by at least two or three graphologists on our staff.

Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we shall be glad to provide you with any details you may require.

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