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Handwriting Analysis of Bill Clinton

Handwriting Sample of President Clinton

Handwriting Sample of President Clinton

BY Anna Koren

In Clinton's handwriting one can discern two very prominent forces which motivate his activity.

One is a particularly strong and untiring urge to constantly prove himself, up to the point of having difficulty of resting on his laurels and of feeling satisfied with his achievements.

The other force which motivates him is the need to belong. From early childhood Clinton has struggled with a feeling of rejection and of not belonging. It is so important to him to belong that he sees the entire nation as his family.

In addition he is a very sensual person.

It is important to him to touch and to be in contact all the time and only then he feels he belongs.

He does not see himself as 'upper class'.

He feels more as part of the system and therefore it is convenient for him to cooperate in a team framework, to listen, to consult and only then to undertake responsibility and to move forward.

He also has a considerable amount of stubbornness and determination. He does not easily let go of his position and is able to fight for his principles, keeping his self-control and coolness.

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