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Handwriting Analysis of Saddam Hussein

BY Anna Koren

In Saddam Hussein's handwriting one can discern a few unusual traits.

His upper zone is characterized by flags (a real shape of a flag). These flags show a certain twist in his perception of the world. This writing phenomenon coupled with a lack of lower zone tell us that there is a severe distress concerning his sexuality and manliness.

Saddam Hussein could not identify with the father image and has an extreme need to constantly prove his manliness. The more sexual difficulties he will have, he will become more aggressive and will use every power he has in order to draw attention.

Another strange phenomena in his handwriting is the lack of the regular spaces. One can not tell whether the space is between the letters or between the words.

Handwriting, being a tool for transferring information, must comply, more or less, with acquired rules, and in order to understand what we read, it is important to keep the standard space between letters and between words. However, in Saddam Hussein's case this is not the situation. He follows his own rules, not relating to the customary and adequate norms.

He is an extremist, opportunist and all that matters to him is to draw attention, to prove his manliness and by doing this to overcome his frustrations.

Saddam Hussein's Handwriting Sample

Handwriting Sample of Saddam Hussein

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