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Analysis of anonymous Anthrax letters and envelopes

BY Anna Koren

Hand print often tells about an individual who fears closeness and keeps his/her privacy.

In the case at hand, it is clear that writer deliberately altered his/her handwriting in order to conceal their identity.

It is difficult to determine an array of individual characteristics when dealing with a hand writing with so many "obstacles"; non-spontaneous hand-writing, copy rather than original, "painted" writing. However, there are several interesting writing phenomena.

Some of the letters are more similar to digits rather than letters.
For instance, the letter "G" appears more like the number "6". This tendency indicates that the writer is accustomed at writing more digits than texts.

He/she could be an accountant or a profession that requires writing numbers on a daily basis.

The date and the number "0" that was used before the month may point to an individual who is accustomed at filling out forms. He/she may also have a talent for construction. If one of the criteria for the search is based on profession, I would start with accountants, computer personnel, clerks or constructors.

It seems that his native tongue is not English, even though, he probably writes English for many years. During writing, the writer feels much anxiety and stress, which undoubtedly hinders his daily functioning.

He feels underprivileged and it appears that he/she has denounced, to a large extent, materialistic possessions. However, not out of a sense of acceptance of the situation, but rather out of yielding to the situation. The individual is dependant, tends to follow dominant figures, has difficulty exhibiting independence and prefers to follow instructions rather than to initiate.

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