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Signatures of Famous Personalities (Samples 2)

This is the signature of Salvadore Dali, the famous surrealist artist.
His extravagant signature spreads out over half a full page.
You can see that the lines of his signature are very severe and stubborn.

Salvadore Dali


Walt Disney

Walt Disney Signature

Look at the signature of Walt Disney, the man who made Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck famous. Disney animates his letters. His signature exhibits much vitality, lightness, humor, and movement, just like his many cartoons. *

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson Signature

It won't take much effort to see the similarities between Walt Disney's signature and that of the cartoonist Tom Wilson, the creator of "Ziggy".

Thomas Alva Edisonn

Edison Signature Edison Signature

Now look at the signature of another famous person, in a completely different field of endeavour; Thomas Alva Edison, the famous inventor responsible for electric light, phonographs, and many other technological breakthroughs that we take for granted today. What do you see here? A blueprint, or a large structure. *

David Ben-Gurion

David Bengurion Signature
David Bengurion Signature

This signature is that of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister. His signature exhibits a great deal of power, momentum, self-confidence and decisiveness. *

Elvis Presley

Elvis Signature

*Painted by Kobi Zaid

It doesn't take too much imagination to see Elvis Presley's guitar in the signature of the later rock 'n' roll star. *

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