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Gerald Ronson - Leading from the Front: My Story

Pages: 258

Business tycoon Gerald Ronson recommends graphologist Anna Koren in his new book "Leading from the Front: My Story".

"When I hire someone to work for me, I expect then to play to their strengths as well.
We try to find out what those strengths are and do it in a fairy unique way.
For the past 20 years or so, whenever we hire senior people, we use a graphologist named Anna Koren
To analyse their handwriting. It's amazing what she can tell about someone after they scribble four lines with a ballpoint pen.
She comes back to us with a six-page report detailing everything from high blood pressure to emotional issues.
Don't ask me how. It's an art form."

Published by Mainstream Publishing in 2009

Many more interesting things come to light after you read the book.

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