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The Secret Self

A comprehensive guide to handwriting analysis

Anna Koren - Graphology - Secrets of your handwriting
Language: English
Pages: 255

In "The Secret Self" Anna Koren traces the history of handwriting analysis from ancient China to the present and explains those techniques which allow us to understand ourselves and others in ways which are revealed only through our pens.

Anna Koren is a world-famous graphology expert.

Certified as an expert in comparing documents and verification of authenticity, Anna Koren composed 4 graphology books and wrote dozens of articles about different themes in graphology and handwriting analysis.

Anna Koren has made numerous radio and TV appearances and lectured for the Graphology Associations of New York, Chicago, South Africa, Oxford, London and Cambridge, as well as lecturing about graphology in courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences of different institutes all over the world.

Anna Koren runs the largest graphology center in the world, with branches in Israel, Cyprus, and England with clients all over the world.

"The Secret Self" will introduce you to the magical world of graphology. After reading this book, you will be able to peek into the inner realms of yourself, the people around you and other famous figures in world history.

This book will allow you to have a better understanding of yourself and the people around you.

Many more interesting things come to light after you read the book.

List Price: $55.50
Online Price: $49.50
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